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right there with you on so many issues. I grapple with and have grappled with many of the same issues, in investing, and in life. Thanks for sharing.

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I'm curious, what makes you and your family a better migrant who lives off investments rather than the border crossers who probably made and served your latte and built the home that is your investment?

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First though to be clear I have done lots of paid work for others over the years, I'm not doing so now. My wife is a photographer (mostly weddings) whose career got fucked over by the pandemic response. She'll be working again soon. Second, investment is the lifeblood of... everything. Third, my family and I don't cross borders illegally, and despite having a good accountant, we still end up paying a large amounts in taxes to the place we're living. Don't even get me started on FL property taxes. From my perspective, that's a negative, but from the the perspective of, say, the state of FL, those taxes are what fund's its continued existence. If you run FL, you want me in your state.

Finally, "better" is a loaded word, no? I said we were "high-quality, law-abiding migrants", which is indisputably true. It doesn't mean I think my barista is trash, if you got that from what I said that's on you. I've always had great relationships with the people who give me caffeine and let me sit for hours at their cafes.

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